What is SculpSure and How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever wished you could alter the shape of your body during your lunch break, your dream can now be a reality thanks to the New York Dermatology Group’s SculpSure procedure. During a 25-minute session, your qualified technician will target unwanted fat cells, ultimately changing your shape for the better.

SculpSure may sound too good to be true, but we assure you it is very real and very effective! Some frequently asked questions and answers pertaining to the SculpSure treatment have been compiled for you below. By the time you’re done reading these, you should feel comfortable calling our office and scheduling your preliminary consultation. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get the body you’ve been dreaming of!

What exactly is SculpSure?

The SculpSure treatment utilizes light-based technology (lasers) to target and break down troublesome fat cells. As your body’s natural metabolic processes occur, these cells will disappear, leaving you with a contoured, fit look.

How long does it take for SculpSure results to appear?

Typically, SculpSure clients begin to see results about six weeks after their first treatments, with optimum results showing around twelve weeks later. It does bear noting that everyone’s body is unique, so it make take a slightly longer period of time or a slightly shorter period of time for your SculpSure results to take full effect.

Who is eligible for SculpSure?

Just about everyone can have the SculpSure procedure. It is, however, important to note that it is not designed for those who are suffering from morbid obesity and may benefit from more drastic procedures. SculpSure is best for individuals who have trouble areas, such as their thighs, buttocks, or stomachs, that don’t seem to be getting any leaner from exercise and diet.

What do I need to do after my treatment?

Once you’ve had your first SculpSure session, it is important for you to eat healthily and maintain an exercise regimen. This way, you won’t regain new fat cells in the same area or areas that were just targeted during your procedure. The more committed you are to your overall wellness, the more effective SculpSure is likely to be for you.

Undergoing any kind of cosmetic procedure can be scary, even if it’s something non-invasive like SculpSure. To get answers to any additional questions you may have and to create a SculpSure treatment plan with one of the New York Dermatology Group’s board-certified dermatologists, contact us online today. We are here to help.