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NYDG Bespoke Facial
NYDG Bespoke Facial

What is the NYDG Bespoke Facial?

This highly customized facial focuses on targeting your main skincare concerns (Sensitive skin, Hydration, Brightening). Through the use of curated products and modalities we are able to bring your skin into balance. We start every facial deeply cleansing and massaging the skin. This is followed by various gentle forms of exfoliation ranging from microdermabrasion to light AHA acids. Extractions are included if applicable. A customized mask is massaged into skin followed by an infusion of hydrating elixirs targeted to your skin’s needs. LED light therapy or Cryotherapy finish the treatment to eliminate any inflammation and leave your skin glowing and ready for any event.

How does it work?

The NYDG Bespoke Facial is customized to your individual skin’s needs. We choose from various forms of physical and chemical exfoliation to boost luminosity and balance the complexion, amplifying collagen production. Massage helps promote circulation and product penetration while light extractions leave skin clear. Red and blue LED light therapy or cryotherapy soothe inflammation.

Who is it for?

Our NYDG Bespoke Facial is beneficial for all skin types as it is completely tailored to your individual skincare concerns.

Cost: $250

NYDG Signature Facials
NYDG Acne Facial
NYDG Acne Facial

What is the NYDG Acne Facial?

This ultimate healing facial focuses on thorough extractions, proper exfoliation, a detoxifying blend of masks and serums, and healing modalities. Our goal is to deep clean the pores while helping to strengthen the skin’s immunity. Let us guide you through a detoxing journey to get skin under control, stay clear, clean and hydrated.

How does it work?

The focus of this facial is gentle yet thorough extractions. We take time to properly prepare the skin for extractions through enzymatic and acidic exfoliation. After, we use a negative ion current to further emulsify compacted sebum and prepare skin for an antibacterial and healing solution. We suggest adding LED for deeper healing and faster recovery.

Who is it for?

This is the perfect facial for anyone with Acne or very congested skin looking for thorough extractions.

Cost: $275

NYDG Signature Facials

NYDG Lift and Sculpt Facial
NYDG Lift and Sculpt Facial

What is the NYDG Lift and Sculpt Facial?

This treatment utilizes European massage techniques to manipulate the skin and tissues, oxygenate and reeducate the muscles to be stronger and more lifted. Lymphatic drainage can help revitalize tired, puffy eyes, while manual sculpting redefines facial contours. Gentle microneedling helps to boost collagen and elastin while softening and plumping lines. Microcurrent exercises the muscles, reducing inflammation while toning the face. Microcurrent is a great alternative to Botox but can also help keep the muscles stimulated to reduce muscle atrophy and long-term sagging.

How does it work?

The esthetician will assess skin to choose the proper cleansing and exfoliation products. Then the manual lift and sculpting begins using various European massage techniques. This is followed by microcurrent. Microcurrent can shorten or lengthen facial muscles slightly through a gentle electrical current that is barely detectable. When the muscles are manipulated they can lift sagging skin and bring out the curvatures and contours of the face. This energy also stimulates healing and cell regeneration.

Who is it for?

Any devitalized, sagging or lackluster skin will be brought to life after European massage and microcurrent.

Cost: $350

NYDG Signature Facials - add ons

Add on Enhancements

Add-ons provide a variety of benefits for your skin and can be added to any facial.

LightStim LED Therapy
Uses different wavelengths of light to stimulate skin rejuvenation. / $50

Increases blood flow to the skin’s surface which provides nutrients to refresh, define and tighten skin. Decreases inflammation and boots the skins immunity. / $75

Targeted Extractions
Not enough time for a full facial? Extractions for very congested pores can be added on to an existing medical or cosmetic doctor visit. / $150


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