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Aesthetic Concerns

Broken Blood Vessels

Telangiectasias, which are facial blood vessels that are visible on the skin, are not typically of any medical importance and do not need to be treated; however, cosmetically-speaking, they can be quite bothersome. Telangiectasias most often occur on the face, commonly around the nose or on the cheeks or chin, and can develop elsewhere on the body. The term ‘spider vein’ refers to an enlarged blood vessel on the legs, although spider veins can occur on the face as well.

Telangiectasias and other vascular lesions can be effectively treated with lasers. Spider veins on the legs can be treated by laser or Sclerotherapy.



Brown Spots

Brown spots (Pigmented Lesions) on the skin, which may be Melasma, or photodamage from the sun, or age spots, or just dyspigmentation and freckles, can now be successfully treated with any number of methods, notably laser treatment, or laser treatment with Levulan (a photosensitizing topical drug that has been shown to improve results). Chemical peeling using glycolic or beta or TCA acids also treats some brown spots efficiently. To determine proper treatment, the patient’s skin must be examined by the dermatologist, who will advise a course of action commensurate with the extent of the condition.

Chemical Peel


Crow’s Feet

The periorbital lines that come with age, often referred to as ‘laugh lines,’ can be treated with a variety of methods at the dermatologist’s office, the most aggressive of which is Botox. Laser tightening and chemical peeling are also effective at reducing crow’s feet, particularly when treatment is maintained on a regular basis. GentleWaves has been FDA proven to visibly reduce fine lines around the eyes with repeated treatment.



Double Chin and Jowls

Among the unwelcome signs of middle age in both men and women are sagging cheeks and pouches of fat in the lower face. These sags and bags obscure the natural, chiseled chin and jaw lines of your younger years and contribute to an overall flabby, out of shape appearance. These can be improved by relatively simple cosmetic procedures such as Kybella or Ultherapy.



Glabellar Lines

Sometimes called ‘11 lines’ the glabellar lines are those vertical lines that develop between the eyebrows as a result of frowning, scowling, or merely focusing while listening or reading. Sometimes bad eyesight or insufficient corrective lenses can contribute to the muscle contractions that deepen the glabellar lines. Like other creases, wrinkles and lines on the face, they are now easily treated with Botox.




Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating in the hands, underarms and feet, can now be effectively treated at the dermatologist’s office with Botox, which temporarily relaxes over-activity in the offending gland.



Large Pores

Effective treatment of large pores can include proper choice and application of cosmeceuticals, regular light acid peeling and the advanced light-based therapies available at NYDG. GentleWaves is particularly effective at treatment of large pores and other flaws on the delicate facial skin, and is FDA-approved for this purpose.

Chemical Peel


Marionette Lines

It’s not hard to guess where the term came from: look at a ventriloquist’s dummy and the exaggerated, deep furrows around the distressed-looking mouth and you get the idea. These lines are caused by depleted fat, but the good news is, now the ‘fat’ can be put back and the face can be restored to its youthful volume again. Effective facial fillers are one of the great recent advances in anti-aging medicine.

Facial Fillers


Nasolabial Folds

These folds or furrows that develop with age between the nose and the cheeks are caused by depleted fat under the skin. They can be easily and safely corrected with facial fillers, a procedure which involves injecting either natural fat or a substitute like Restylane under the skin.

Facial Fillers


Red Marks

Vascular lesions are visible marks formed by blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. There are many types, all characterized by redness, including Telangiectasias (dilated capillary vessels), Cherry Angiomas (lesion-like), Spider Angiomas (spider-like) and Rosacea (sunburn-like). They can be effectively and expediently treated with lasers such as NYDG’s V-Beam and VariLite with little to no discomfort or complication. Other light therapies like GentleWaves might be recommended, as might chemical treatment. A consultation with the dermatologist will determine which treatment is appropriate for the condition.

V-Beam and VariLite


Sagging and Loose Skin

Like it or not sagging skin is a typical sign of aging, and as conscientious as you may be about diet and exercise, this particular condition will probably not improve much without a little cosmetic help. Happily, ‘help’ no longer means surgery, and it can be found at the dermatologist’s office with laser treatments for tightening skin and/or filling procedures for re-plumping it. A cosmetic consultation with the doctor can help determine which procedures are right for you, but if you are distressed about sagging skin, take heart; there are now many dermatological procedures that can improve it in a risk-free and natural-looking way.

Facial Fillers


Scars and Stretch Marks

Scars and stretch marks can be treated at the dermatologist’s office with a number of advanced methods, depending on the extent of the mark or condition. Superficial scars, marks, lines and wrinkles respond well to laser therapy, and deeper scars and folds can be filled with Restylane or an appropriate injectable substance.

Click here to learn more about scars and stretch marks.


Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are large, dark in color and tend to bulge. To cosmetically improve or remove them, dermatologists often treat varicose veins with sclerotherapy, a procedure performed in the doctor’s office. It involves injecting a solution (usually sodium chloride) directly into the vein via a very fine needle. This solution irritates the lining of the vessel, eventually causing it to collapse and disappear. Some lasers are also effective at treating veins. During a one-on-one consult with the dermatologist, you will be advised of the best course of treatment for you.


Venous Lakes

Venous Lakes, benign vascular lesions that resemble blood blisters and appear in areas like the lips, ears or face, can be treated at NYDG with advanced pulsed dye laser. This light is absorbed by the blood vessels under the skin surface causing the vessels to coagulate and reabsorb themselves into the body.



Warts are viral clusters that appear on the skin and can be treated with liquid nitrogen. Other treatments might also be recommended, depending on the extent of the condition.



Wrinkles can be a sign of age and accelerated by areas of the body where sun exposure is greatest. Eye wrinkles, face wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, facial wrinkles, and neck wrinkles are some of the most common areas to show signs. Besides sun exposure there are factors that can promote wrinkles like smoking, light skin type, heredity, hairstyle, dress, and occupation. During a one-on-one cosmetic consultation with the doctor, you will receive a list of recommended procedures tailor-made to your needs, with a timeline to address reversing the signs of time.



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