Endymed Facial Tightening


What is EndyMed?

This advanced treatment gives you the newest options in the world of radiofrequency treatments that improve upon many of the traditional benefits of cosmetic laser therapy. With EndyMed, you can get the sensational results that you want for your skin without having to suffer through the long downtime associated with stronger laser therapy. NYDG offers three different EndyMed solutions, EndyMed Facial Tightening, EndyMed Body Tightening, and EndyMed RF Microneedling. All three are nonsurgical treatments that can be used for everything from loose skin and deep wrinkles on your face to cellulite on your thighs and excess skin around your midsection. The therapies are delivered through handheld devices, and most treatments take only 30 minutes.


What are the benefits of EndyMed?

– Produces quick results, most treatments are only 30 minutes in length
– Kickstarts your body’s collagen production and can continue producing results deep within your skin for up to a year following your final treatment.
– Appropriate for people of all skin tones, including those with darker skin tones that often cannot receive traditional laser treatments. Treatments are non-scarring and do not come with any risk of hyperpigmentation.
– Relies on computerized technology to control the treatment.

What EndyMed treatments are available?

EndyMed Facial Tightening: The most popular option for noninvasive, quick, and efficient wrinkle reduction and nonsurgical face, eyes, lower jaw, and neck lifting and tightening.

EndyMed Body Tightening and Contouring: This treatment is particularly useful for smoothing out and tightening up the skin on both large and small areas of the body. We can use this handheld device on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. Tightening up these areas can help you get rid of excess skin, experience a more youthful look and give you beautiful contours.

EndyMed RF Microneedling: is a minimally invasive procedure that combines the power of radiofrequency energy with the proven benefits of skin needling for targeting the deepest tissues of the skin. This treatment is ideal for treating more specific skin concerns, such as deep wrinkles, acne scars and other types of scars.

How does EndyMed work?

EndyMed works by sending thermal energy deep into your skin’s tissues. This stimulates the cells to strengthen themselves and to create more collagen and elastin, which are necessary components of healthy, youthful skin. Your treatment will be quite comfortable, and all you should feel is some heat in the area as we move the handheld device in a gentle, circular pattern. After this treatment, you may have a bit of redness on your skin, but this should dissipate in a half hour, letting you get back to your usual daily tasks almost immediately.

Before an EndyMed RF Microneedling treatment, we will put numbing lotion on your skin so that you are completely comfortable. During the treatment, you will feel some pressure from the non-insulated gold needles. We can choose specific needle lengths based on the thickness of your skin to give you precisely controlled results.

How long do EndyMed results last?

Results from EndyMed are incredibly long-lasting, and some individuals may find that their good skin tone lasts for two years following their initial treatment schedule.. Of course, there are some things that you can do following your treatment to ensure that your results last as long as they possibly can. Taking good care of your skin should always be seen as a lifelong process. The foods that you eat and the skin care products you use may not produce immediate changes on your skin, but they can help support your aesthetic skin care regimen. In addition, always protect your skin from the sun following your treatments as the sun can prematurely age your skin.

If you are using EndyMed for the first time, you will probably need more than one treatment. NYDG will help create an individualized plan.


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