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Whole Body Cryotherapy

What is a Cryotherapy Chamber?

Our Electric Cryotherapy Chamber is a luxury device that evenly reduces body temperature over the course of one to three minutes in order to achieve a number of attractive benefits such as diminished inflammation and soreness, stimulated collagen production and increased energy levels. The Cryo Chamber provides controlled cooling to -85°C and is a favored treatment of those seeking a reduction in surface flaws such as acne or eczema in addition to enhanced skin elasticity and suppleness. From the first session, marked improvements in skin appearance, achiness and stamina are enjoyed. Boosted mood and better quality of sleep typically accompany a cryogenic treatment.

What are the benefits of a whole body Cryotherapy treatment?

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is an evidence-based treatment that safely reduces body temperature while increasing endorphins, adrenaline and oxygen supply. The benefits of regular cryotherapy are numerous and broad-ranging, including but not limited to:

• Strengthened immune system
• Reduced stress levels (cortisol)
• Increased exercise recovery
• Reduced muscle soreness
• Reduced white fat cells
• A boosted metabolism
• Improved mood and sleep
• Improved skin appearance
• Reduced pain and inflammation
• Rejuvenated and tightened skin
• Stimulated collagen production
• Decreased appearance of acne
• Reduced appearance of eczema
• Diminished appearance of cellulite
• Norepinephrine triggering for depression

How often should I have whole body Cryotherapy treatments?

For consistent, longer lasting pain relief, skin enhancement and improved mood, a minimum of 10 sessions is recommended.

How much does whole body Cryotherapy cost?

One Cryo Chamber session cost $45
First time Cryo at NYDG? Buy 1 get 1 free.

For maximum benefit, we recommend the following regimens:
• Exercise Recovery and Pain Management: 3 sessions per week
• Anti-Inflammation and Skin Maintenance: 3 sessions per week
• Weight Loss: 2 sessions per day for 10 days, spaced 1 hour apart
• Skin Pre-Event: 2 sessions per day for 2 days, spaced 1 hour apart
• Wellness: 1-2 sessions per week


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