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What is Fraxel?

Fraxel is a skin resurfacing treatment that can be used by men and women to make their skin appear younger, and create distinct changes in skin tone, skin texture and overall glow. This non-surgical treatment can erase some of the signs of aging from your skin without any need for anesthesia, incisions or lifelong scars.

The skin rejuvenation process is begun with a fractionated or fractional laser with the brand name of Fraxel. Over the past 10 years or so, laser skin treatments have become increasingly popular. However, some people still shy away from older treatments because they are quite powerful and downright painful at times. However, Fraxel is different from other older ablative lasers in that it does not target the entire top layer of skin. Instead, it targets only a fraction of the skin in the treatment area.

By creating micro-injuries in up to 40 percent of your treated skin cells, Fraxel stimulates these cells to repair themselves and allows the surrounding uninjured cells to step up and help. This not only stimulates the production of new epidermal cells on the surface of your skin but also helps deeper skin layers create more collagen and elastin, which are necessary for a youthful look.


What are the different types of Fraxel?

Today, there are several types of Fraxel. These options have different laser wavelengths that affect their strength and help to determine how long your results may last.

-Fraxel Re:pair is the most powerful option and is designed to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.
-Fraxel Dual is particularly effective at erasing areas of hyperpigmentation from the skin, including age spots, sun spots and freckles.
-Fraxel Re:store is more of a maintenance laser treatment. Like Dual, it is a gentle laser that stimulates the production of new skin cells.

Fraxel Dual is the most commonly used option. Each Fraxel device has an array of settings that can be chosen depending on your skin tone and your exact needs. For example, people with very sensitive skin may need a much lower setting than do those who have extensive areas of hyperpigmentation.

This is an FDA-approved treatment with a high degree of safety. Although it can be used on many different parts of the body, it is most commonly used on the more fragile and problem-prone skin of the face, neck and chest. Keep in mind that while it should produce visible results after your first treatment, your practitioner may recommend a follow-up treatment for fuller results.

What scars can Fraxel treat?

Fraxel can do much to restore and repair key problem areas on your skin. However, one of its best-kept secrets is that it can also be used to treat certain long-term scars that may have been bothering you for years. It can be used on surgical scars, such as those that may remain from past cosmetic surgeries. It is also particularly good on mild to moderate acne scars that have not responded to creams, over-the-counter treatments or even prescription medications.

Of course, Fraxel will most likely not be able to get rid of a scar completely. It should decrease the appearance of the scar greatly so that it is barely noticeable. You will also have to be patient with the treatment process as results will not appear immediately. As is the case with many laser treatments, you will probably need a series of treatments to see full results.

Fraxel works best on acne scars on individuals with lighter skin tones who have pitted scars or who have red or brown marks left over following breakouts. However, it should not be used on a current breakout. By increasing the collagen production within the skin, acne scars should fill in quite nicely.

What is the downtime after Fraxel treatments?

Although Fraxel treatments are performed on the surface of the skin without any need for surgical procedures, they do come with some downtime for recovery due to the strength of the treatment. Most individuals find that they need to wait a week before they feel that their skin has returned completely to normal. During the first few days, the skin may look and feel as if it had a bad sunburn. By the end of the week, your skin will most likely start peeling. Resisting the urge to pick at it will help it heal faster and leave you with better results. You will probably want to stay home for at least a few days and will definitely want to stay out of the sun during this time. You should also know that Fraxel treatments on your chest may take even longer to heal.

Besides the intensity of the initial treatment and the week of downtime, Fraxel actually has fewer side effects when compared to other older lasers. Because it only treats a fraction of the surface of the skin, it should not cause quite as much discomfort and peeling as other lasers do. However, the long-lasting results will definitely be worth these minimal side effects.

Fraxel is an ideal treatment for many men and women, especially those who are heading into their 30s and 40s with skin damage from the sun. Whether you are dealing with acne scars left over from your teenage years or are embarrassed by hyperpigmentation brought on from your years of worshiping the sun, NYDG can help. Our medical aestheticians can guide you in discovering solutions for any cosmetic problems you have based on your skin tone and your cosmetic goals.

How is Fraxel different from IPL?

Today, there are many treatments from which to choose if you want to beautify your skin. You may be wondering what the difference is between Fraxel and IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, and how you can know which one is best for your needs. IPL uses energy from light rays rather than from laser energy. Therefore, IPL uses a broad spectrum of light to treat redness of the skin as well as age spots while Fraxel targets a fraction of the skin cells to treat even deeper concerns, such as acne scars and wrinkles.

Knowing which option is right for you is as simple as determining how strong you need your treatment to be and what you wish to treat. IPL is often viewed as a starter treatment while Fraxel is used to treat more long-lasting problems. Fraxel is also more intense and will usually produce more visible results.


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