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Clear + Brilliant

What is Clear + Brilliant Laser treatment?

The Clear + Brilliant laser is one of the gentlest lasers currently on the market. By targeting the top layers of skin with a myriad of microscopic injuries, your skin recognizes it has been injured and rushes healing agents into the treated area. This process helps to create newer, stronger, and healthier skin cells than before. The laser technology used in Clear + Brilliant is fractional, meaning that the laser targets only a small percentage of the skin cells within the treatment area. Unlike other fractional lasers, however, Clear + Brilliant targets approximately 20 percent of the cells in the area rather than the typical 40 percent. This is what makes it such a gentle procedure that is perfect for adults who cannot afford any downtime.


What does Clear + Brilliant do?

Clear + Brilliant can noninvasively:
– Improve fine lines and skin glow
– Reduce appearance and size of skin pores
– Change skin tone and texture

Clear + Brilliant is an excellent skin care option and is especially ideal for younger clients. Using this treatment in your 20s, 30s or 40s can help to reduce signs of aging later in life. In fact, it is sometimes called a prejuvenation treatment. In addition, because it is so gentle, it is the perfect option if your skin tone has negated the possibility of using other traditional laser treatment options.

This treatment does not increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, which may mean that it is the ideal skin treatment for you during the summer. It is also a great maintenance treatment in between more aggressive forms of laser therapy.

Clear + Brilliant can be used to treat a wide variety of skin concerns in addition to its usefulness in decreasing overall signs of aging.

What are the types of Clear + Brilliant Lasers?

There are two types of Clear + Brilliant lasers used today.

-Clear + Brilliant is used primarily for fine lines, skin texture, and pore reduction
-Clear + Brilliant Permea is used for melasma and other issues with hyperpigmentation and skin tone.

How many treatments are needed?

As is the case with many forms of noninvasive laser therapy, you will need more than one Clear + Brilliant treatment in order to see the best results. However, you may be able to see some initial results within a week or two following your first session. NYDG practitioners typically recommend that you have between three to six treatments initially before starting a maintenance plan. This will ensure that your skin is as soft, even and wrinkle-free as possible.

To see the best results, the spacing between treatments is very important to maximize your skin’s own rejuvenation processes. It’s important to give your skin enough time to recover and heal from the laser-directed micro-injuries, but also to not wait too long. Typically patients come in once per month for initial treatments and then 3 to 4 times a year for maintenance appointments. Of course, NYDG will put together a plan for what will be best for you.

How is Clear + Brilliant different from Fraxel or IPL?

Today, there are many laser skin treatments available. Discovering the right one for you requires an honest conversation with your medical aesthetician and board certified dermatologist as well as insight into your dreams and goals for your skin. As you determine whether Clear + Brilliant or a different type of skin rejuvenation treatment is right for you, it is important to note how Clear + Brilliant differs from other top options.

Clear + Brilliant vs Fraxel

While Clear + Brilliant uses a fractional or fractionated laser, it does not target as many skin cells as the popular Fraxel laser does. This is why it is sometimes called baby Fraxel or mini Fraxel. Fraxel Dual, which is the most popular type of Fraxel laser uses both ablative and nonablative technologies to treat outer skin texture concerns as well as the deeper skin cells. Because it is not as gentle as Clear + Brilliant is, it requires up to a week of downtime for most people and causes the skin to redden and peel.

Clear + Brilliant vs IPL

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, which relies on a different form of energy than lasers do. In fact, IPL waves are quite long, which makes them perfect for a variety of pigmentation problems, such as those that might arise from birthmarks, rosacea, freckles and other forms of sun damage. Keep in mind that IPL should only be used on lighter skin tones because it specifically targets the melanocytes that darken the skin.

Aging well typically begins by taking steps to protect your health and beauty early in life so that you have less left to fight against later in life. Clear + Brilliant offers you a unique way to do just that by addressing tiny skin concerns before midlife so that you do not have major wrinkles or areas of hyperpigmentation in your 50s and beyond.

The incredibly gentle Clear + Brilliant laser is the perfect option for many of our clients. We invite you to come in for an appointment or virtual consultation at NYDG to discover exactly which aesthetic treatment is best for your needs. Our board certified dermatologists are eager to help you achieve long-lasting beauty through safe and effective non-surgical treatments.


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