IV Therapy and Booster Injections
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IV Therapy and Booster Injections

What is IV Therapy?

The NYDG Research Laboratory proudly introduces a selected range of intravenous and intramuscular nutritional therapies tailored to individual lifestyles and needs. Whether you wish to detox, improve energy levels, accelerate post-workout muscle recovery, strengthen the immune system or boost collagen levels and antioxidants, a selected range of vitamin infusions and intramuscular boosters can enhance overall performance.

IV Therapy is a comprehensive approach to total wellness that begins with a detailed consultation to evaluate the client’s concerns and their body’s needs. Oftentimes, clients may be deficient in a variety of vitamins or minerals that IV Therapy can replenish and balance. Our expert-designed IV drips and lifestyle boosters are crafted to address and allay a number of issues such as the common cold, sluggish metabolism, dehydration, chronic fatigue, migraines and hangovers. These infusions may also build stamina and immunity in addition to supporting a healthy weight, sustained focus and stable mood.

Our potent infusions hydrate and reinforce the body’s natural defense system with key vitamins and minerals to encourage healing, pain relief, boosted energy and a glowing appearance.

Nutritional Infusions

Bespoke blood analysis and bespoke IV treatment $750
Integral Health wellbeing, anti-inflammation and hydration $300
Triathlon endurance, energizer and adrenal fatigue inhibitor $275
Focus concentration and memory $325
Inbound Flight jet lag treatment $375
Outbound Flight jet lag prevention $375
One Too Many hangover recovery $275
Zen stamina, stress relief and serenity $300
Illumino glowing skin and age performance $425
Immunity illness defense and inflammation resistance $325
Svelte detoxification and fat remodeling $350
Migraine Miracle migraine remedy $350

Lifestyle Boosters

Glutathione anti-aging and healing antioxidant $75
Vitamin B Complex metabolism and immune support $50
CoQ10 antioxidant and disease prevention $75
Vitamin C immune reinforcement and antioxidant $50
Vitamin B-12 sustains energy and strengthens immunity $50
Toradol rapid pain relief $50

How does IV Therapy work?

Intravenous (IV) Therapy is the fastest and most effective method of vitamin and mineral delivery to the body with 100% absorption into the bloodstream within 45-60 minutes on average. Essential nutrients are channeled to the body via a plastic catheter that is inserted by a physician or medical assistant after the client’s health is assessed in a thorough consultation with one of our doctors. Effects typically manifest within 12-24 hours of IV Therapy or Lifestyle Booster administration and the full-spectrum impact of an infusion will last for roughly one week. Our intramuscular (lifestyle) boosters are not IV drips; rather, they are supplemental injections that we offer to support total wellness.


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