What Are Doctors of Internal Medicine?

Even though our name is the New York Dermatology Group, we offer so much more than skincare! In addition to our team of dermatologists, our dietitian, and our acupuncturist, we have a Doctor of Internal Medicine on staff. We are committed to helping you maintain wellness from the inside out.

If you aren’t familiar with what internists do, this brief guide will help you understand how you can benefit from scheduling an appointment in the near future. Common questions and answers regarding internal medicine are featured below.

What Kind of Training Do Internists Undergo?

Doctors of Internal Medicine receive extensive training in numerous branches of medicine, including preventative care, reproductive problems, everyday ailments like colds and flus, skin conditions, and tropical diseases/travel healthcare. Although internists all have basic knowledge of a wide range of medical specialties, they may also have sub-specialties in fields that are of particular interest to them.

Who Should See an Internist?

At the New York Dermatology Group, we believe that everyone can benefit from regular visits with an internist. In fact, we recommend that individuals begin seeing a Doctor of Internal Medicine when they are adolescents and continue until they reach their golden years.

What Does Internal Medicine Involve?

Some people are scared about seeing internists because they fear they will be asked to undergo invasive treatments. This is not, however, usually the case! Our internist will work closely with you to develop a care plan that suits your lifestyle and addresses any health concerns you personally have. He or she will also be able to recommend specialists if needed.

To schedule an appointment with the New York Dermatology Group’s internist, contact us at 212-352-3333.