Fraxel Dual

Fraxel Dual

Fraxel Dual laser leads the field in gentle skin resurfacing, providing all the benefits of the most advanced renewal methods without any of the surface disruption or ensuing downtime.  The Fraxel is FDA approved for four dermatological objectives in particular: wrinkle reduction, pigment correction, acne scar healing and Melasma.  Fraxel skin resurfacing also tightens and tones the skin, leaving it with improved color consistency and a youthful elasticity. Overall, Fraxel Dual repairs, refines and restores the skin with non-ablative light, causing only minimal and temporary redness or flaking. The Fraxel is effective on delicate skin areas like the face, neck, chest and hands and is suitable for all skin types.  It works especially well to correct skin around the eyes and mouth.  Fraxel is usually recommended as a series of 3 sessions scheduled four to six weeks apart.


Depending on visible aging, pigment issues and sun damage, three to six Fraxel treatments are recommended.  The dermatologist will determine the number of sessions needed for the desired result.

After 3-6 Fraxel sessions, pigment damage diminishes (age/sun spots and Melasma), fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet) ease and acne or surgical scarring diminishes. Some result will be evident after the first Fraxel treatment, and the treated area will continue to improve.

Patients are typically given a topical numbing cream on the area to be treated about an hour before each Fraxel session.

The Fraxel Dual results: smoother, more evenly toned, tighter skin, smaller pores, and an overall look of youthful rejuvenation.

NYDG leads in scar removal in NYC and treating acne scars in NYC with Fraxel treatments.

As with any laser procedure, follow Fraxel treatment with high-level sun protection. Always use a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen like NYDG skincare’s Chem-Free Active Defense SPF30.