Laser technology is an ever-expanding scientific field that has advanced greatly in the last decade, with extremely significant impact on dermatology.  The applications for skin renewal and rejuvenation by lasers that require no downtime are growing exponentially, and every advance brings more breakthroughs. Today’s lasers can reduce wrinkles, tighten and tone skin, correct pigment, remove red or brown spots, and even erase once indelible tattoos.

The NYDG laser center goes one further, offering all the leading laser procedures, plus unique treatments that combine laser light with other proven dermatology.  This results in some of the most advanced skin-care procedures in the world.

A consultation with the doctor or laser specialist prior to treatment is necessary to determine the number of sessions required for a given cosmetic or medical objective.  Some of the most popular laser treatments at New York Dermatology Group include:

Some signature NYDG treatments combining lasers with other procedures:

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