Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels, which remove the dead cells on the outer layer of the dermis, are essential to maintaining healthy, beautiful, age-resistant skin. Regular chemical peels help to reverse the signs of aging, improve skin tone and color, stimulate collagen production, diminish acne and treat pre-cancerous lesions, like Actinic Keratosis. Safe and effective chemical peels are performed at the dermatologist’s, with a trained medical professional determining which chemical peeling agent is most appropriate, according to the individual’s skin type and condition. Choices include glycolic (sugar) acid, lactic (milk) acid, TCA (trichloracetic acid) or beta acids. After most chemical peels, the skin immediately looks more healthy, supple and radiant, the complexion fresh and clear. Some chemical peels require a brief recovery time before the optimal result is evidenced.


  • Chemical Peels help the skin to breathe and regenerate, and impart a healthful, youthful glow.
  • Men and women benefit cosmetically and medically from regular chemical peels.
  • Redness, flaking, and temporary darkening may occur, depending on the strength of the acid applied.
  • Since chemical peels can leave the treated skin more sensitive to harmful UVA and UVB rays, proper sun protection is necessary after a chemical peel.  Always use a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen like NYDG skincare’s Chem-Free Active Defense SPF30.

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