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Vbeam Perfecta
Vbeam Perfecta

Tackle unsightly discoloration and protrusive veins with the Vbeam Perfecta! New York Dermatology Group is now offering a direct solution to treat vascular, pigmented and atypical non-pigmented lesions. Vbeam uses pulse dye laser technology to dramatically reduce or completely diminish facial, spider and varicose veins, rosacea, birth marks, bruising/scarring, warts and other vascular anomalies.


Excel-V & VariLite Lasers
Excel-V & VariLite Lasers

Our versatile Excel-V and VariLite lasers are effective in the treatment of vascular and brown pigmented lesions, Freckles/sun/age spots and in the removal of veins. Facial veins and leg veins can be removed safely with the highly adaptable lasers without affecting the surrounding skin and tissue. The systems of the two lasers differ but have crossover capabilities, and the Excel-V and VariLite are also effective at treating surface wrinkles, acne, psoriasis, red birthmarks (hemangiomas and port wine stains), angiomas, Poikiloderma of Civatte (uneven coloring of the neck and chest), venous lakes, red stretch marks and warts. Either the Excel-V or VariLite lasers can be programmed by the dermatologist to the specific needs of individual patients with predictably satisfying results.

Depending on the extent of the condition, more than one Excel-V or VariLite treatment session may be necessary. Prior to treatment, the dermatologist or dermatologist-trained technician will examine the condition and determine the number of sessions required. Some laser procedures cause temporary redness or bruising. The patient will be advised of any discomfort or downtime prior to the procedure by the dermatology staff.

As with any laser procedure, always follow treatment with strong sun protection.


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