How Can Blue Light Treatment Help Patients With Severe Acne?

While most people suffer from the occasional breakout during their teen years (thanks, hormones), the majority of individuals outgrow acne by the time they reach adulthood. Unfortunately for some, though, acne becomes a lifelong struggle. If you’ve been dealing with serious adult acne for years with no cure in sight, you might be feeling a little bit hopeless about your condition.

Fortunately, the New York Dermatology Group is here to help with a relatively new treatment known as blue light therapy. This guide will teach you more about our blue light procedure and how it one of the most promising acne treatments to hit the medical marketplace in decades. Hopefully you’ll decide to give it a try and schedule a consultation with us soon.

How does blue light therapy work?

Blue light therapy, as you probably surmised from its name, involves repeated exposure to blue light rays in order to control acne. The blue light rays seem to control the bacteria that causes acne in the first place; this procedure treats the cause, not the symptoms, which is unique among acne therapies. Furthermore, blue light treatments, also unlike most other acne treatments, have no side effects and are non-invasive.

Medications like Acutane can be used to control acne, but often have serious side effects, requiring patients to be carefully monitored by medical professionals; topical treatment options tend to be complicated and often don’t have the desired results, even after following the directions precisely.

Blue light procedures, however, are almost universally effective and require patients to put forth almost no effort. You simply need to show up at the New York Dermatology Group’s office and you’ll be in an out in about 15 minutes. We perform blue light therapy on both teenagers and adults who have severe acne vulgaris.

How many sessions will I need?

Although every patient is unique, the New York Dermatology Group’s doctors generally recommend that new clients undergo five to six blue light therapy sessions to start. Each of these sessions will be a week apart. If additional treatments are needed at the end of the first set, you and your dermatologist will come-up with a plan that works for your personal needs and skin care goals.

How can I schedule an appointment?

If you’re over 18-years of age and you would like to schedule a preliminary consultation to discuss your candidacy for blue light treatments, call the New York Dermatology Group at 212-533-8888 or schedule a consultation online. If you are a younger teen dealing with serious acne, have your parent call us to set-up your initial appointment on your behalf.