Double Chin and Jowls

Double Chin and Jowls

Among the unwelcome signs of middle age in both men and women are sagging cheeks and pouches of fat in the lower face.  These sags and bags obscure the natural, chiseled chin and jaw lines of your younger years and contribute to an overall flabby, out of shape appearance.

The ‘condition’ is caused by time and is difficult to correct through diet and exercise, but can be improved by relatively simple cosmetic procedures at the dermatologist’s office.

KYBELLA (deoxycholic acid) Injections, a new non-invasive approach for reducing fat below and around the chin, the submental area and the neck.

Microliposuction can remove small amounts of fat under the chin; used in conjunction with Fat Transfer (injecting the removed fat into depleted areas in the face), it rejuvenates the entire face in a natural and subtle way.

The Titan Laser and Ultherapy treatments are extremely effective at firming and toning any slack skin after the Microlipo procedure or Kybella Injections to improve the look of the chin and jaw line.