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Nutritional Counseling

Good nutrition is essential to good health, good looks, and feeling good—physically and psychologically. Nutrition is also proving to have enormous effects on our future health and happiness, specifically in the areas of anti-aging and cancer prevention.  At NYDG, we feel that this aspect of good health is so crucial that we’ve added a registered dietitian to our staff of health professionals. Nutritionl counseling can benefit every patient, whether the main concern is weight loss, skin care, managing a medical condition or just general well being.

  • For weight control and diet , our nutritionist analyzes the patient’s medical history, diet history, food preferences, lifestyle patterns, and readiness and motivation for lasting weight loss, then works with the patient to create individualized goals and personalized meal plans.  The dietitian may also conduct a supermarket tour with the patient to help navigate food choices and interpret labels—two crucial components of weight loss and management.

  • Skin health and beauty are affected not just by external factors like sun exposure, but also by the nutrients and antioxidants that nurture the skin from within.  A few adjustments in dietary patterns can improve the look and feel of the skin as well as the patient’s overall health and vitality. Acne, dry skin, or premature aging can also benefit from smart nutrition.

  • Patients who suffer from food allergies, heartburn, diabetes, high cholesterol, or any recurring or chronic ailment can benefit from nutrition counseling.  A dietitian can help manage lifestyle based on the limitations of a medical condition.

For patients with no particular condition to manage, a one-time meeting with a dietitian is an excellent way to learn the latest about nutrition and its impact on good health. 

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