New York Dermatology Group is a unique Manhattan practice that incorporates state-of-the-art dermatology with other essential medical disciplines to provide an exceptional treatment experience.

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Internal Medicine

In addition to board certified dermatologists, a dietitian and an acupuncturist, our medical team includes a Doctor of Internal Medicine, commonly known as an internist.  Our unique platform recognizes the cross-over factor of these various disciplines, and offer patients all the health benefits of routine physicals, disease prevention, anti-aging therapies, nutrition counseling, stress reduction therapies and even Eastern healing techniques.  The center of this integrative approach is Internal Medicine, where the patient tends to the basics of good health under the care of a doctor with a broad knowledge of all medical specialties.

A Doctor of Internal Medicine, who specializes in prevention and treatment of disease, ideally cares for patients from adolescence through old age. The regular care of an internist, with his or her extensive knowledge of all branches of medicine and ability to diagnose and treat conditions both simple and complex, is a vital component in the good health of the whole patient throughout life.  At New York Dermatology Group, our resident Doctor of Internal Medicine administers and monitors: Physical Exams and Diagnostic Screenings, Travel Medicine, Flu Shots and Vaccinations, Colds and Flu, Blood Pressure, Common Problems of the Eyes, Ears, Nervous System, Reproductive Organs and more.

NYDG Flash Facts
  • Also known as a Doctor of Adult Medicine (and sometimes confused with a primary care physician), the internist not only diagnoses and treats, but can recommend a specialist’s care as appropriate, or may have his or her own subspecialty in any number of areas, like dermatology or cardiology.

  • Part of the internist’s training is in preventive medicine.  Our internist is an excellent source of information on the prevention and treatment of an extensive range of conditions, and can oversee and coordinate care tailor-made for the needs of the patient.

Travel Medicine
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Actinic Keratosis
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Skin Cancer Screening
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Basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas begone with this simple freezing technique available at our office…. more
The Surgery Suite
If you’re the type that won’t stop short of a small tuck here and there, we have a top-notch plastic surgeon on staff…. more
Ancient Eastern healing art meets cutting-edge Western medicine in our FDA tested and approved treatments for stress, back pain, even sags, bags and wrinkles…. more
Blue Light Treatments
Harmless light (not serious drugs) works to control moderate acne the gentler, kinder way…. more
Nutrition Counseling
You’ve been accused of being what you eat before, but our nutritionist will make sure it’s all good, whether you’re controlling weight, managing a condition, or just want more beautiful skin…. more