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Botox NYC

BOTOX® NYC purpose is not to erase all lines and wrinkles, or cause any noticeable immobility or lack of expression in the face. Such a result would indicate a misuse of the drug and a lack of understanding of its cosmetic benefits. At NYDG, we use Botox when needed sparingly, what we call ‘the natural way.’ There are certain areas of the face that respond extremely well to Botox and give a decided beauty boost without any alarming change in the face’s natural expressiveness. And of course, untreated muscles continue to contract and deliver normal facial expression. Our Board Certified dermatologists are skilled at aesthetic medicine, and use Botox for patients who want to ease but not eliminate:

  • Frown Lines

  • Vertical furrows between the eyes or on the bridge of the nose

  • Horizontal lines on the forehead

  • Crow’s feet around the eyes

  • Bands on the neck

An experienced NYDG cosmetic dermatologist can also inject Botox on the lower third of the face, around the corners of the mouth and/or under the chin, to give a gentle mini-lift in this area that otherwise would require invasive surgery. The effects of Botox are temporary, and additional treatment is eventually required to maintain the full smoothing/lifting effect.


The Botox procedure is quick and easy, and typically involves no ‘downtime’ at all (hence its reputation as a ‘lunchtime procedure’). The doctor determines what areas could benefit, and injects the muscle responsible for the surface wrinkles. As to discomfort during the procedure, patients report little to none: the micro-needles used for Botox injections are extremely fine, and if no topical numbing agent is applied, will feel like a quick pinprick that is entirely tolerable. Often, a brief icing of the area just before treatment is all that is needed to minimize sensation. Once the Botox is injected, you will be totally unaware it is there, though you may feel you are not frowning or scowling as much as usual.


Botox typically lasts about four to six months in most patients, after which its effects begin to wear off and a touch-up is often desirable.


The price of a Botox treatment will typically depend on how many sites are treated during the procedure. Usually, the forehead is considered one site, as are the periorbital area or mouth area. The charge could range from about $400 to $600 per site. It is important to always receive Botox injections from a physician with extensive training in the procedure, preferably a board certified dermatologist. Though many doctors are now legally allowed to inject Botox and do so to increase profits, many do not have the aesthetic training necessary to ensure a safe and effective result.

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Botox NYC